We can be one

This morning I was reading Ephesians. I started to wonder what would happen if the body of Christ began to think and act according to what the Bible says. I mean, really, think about it. What would the world be like if the Church – the global Church – thought and acted like the Bible says we should? The world would be a very different place, we would be very different people.

We could do it, you know. We could. If we really wanted to. It has to start somewhere. Why not here? Why not right now? Why not make a commitment to be who He has called us to be? I’m starting with me, today. I’m praying for myself and my church body.

Will you pray for yours as well?

Father, thank you for the body of Christ, the people that You bring together within a community to serve and to grow together. Would You help us to each understand our part within the body, so that we can live a life worthy of the calling? That we would humbly and patiently extend love to others, eagerly striving to guard the body in harmony and oneness.

I pray, Lord, that we would desire Your presence more than anything else …that we would honor You first and foremost…that Your grace and love would be extended through us to those around us so we, as a body, could fulfill your call for our church.

Lord, help us to understand the gifts you have given each of us for the building up of the body of Christ. So that we can fully comprehend who we are in You and obtain oneness in the faith. Lord, that we would no longer be like children tossed back and forth between truth and deception. But rather would let our lives lovingly express truth. That the whole body would be knit together, working properly and growing to full maturity in Christ.


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