Praying for those…

There are things in my life that feel heavy right now. Sometimes the weight gets tiring and I lament over it a little. I woke up this morning and read a post about the church in India and the persecution happening there. It was an eye opener. A reminder that whatever I face is really not that bad. I’m sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee this morning. My children are asleep upstairs with no fear of death looming outside of our door. I will not have to bear witness to the slaughter of hundreds or thousands and certainly will not brace myself for my own. So as I sit here this morning I will pray for those who do, and I will thank God for the life I live today…and for the perspective I have this morning.

Father, Your Word says that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are persecuted for righteousness. Open the windows of heaven for them today, Lord, that they will see you in the midst of the persecution like Stephen did. Would you strengthen them today, giving them the ability to pray for their enemies and to lead them straight to You? Raise up an army of prayer warriors to do heavenly battle for those facing persecution around the world…that even though they walk in the darkest of valleys they will have no fear of evil, Lord, because You are their comfort. Remind them in this moment that nothing can separate them from Your love. In the mighty name of Jesus. 

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