Something new!

I was 19 when I became a Christian. I’ve been a Christian for almost 30 years! It has taken that full amount of time to really learn how to pray.

I mean, I have known how to pray, but I am at a place where my prayers now come from the Word. All the time. I will just say them, or sometimes I will write them out…especially if I want to go back to them and pray them again.

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I pray for myself from time to time, but mostly I pray for my family, people I meet that God places on my heart, and for the church….both local and global.

This morning as I was praying for my church, I thought about the need for more people to do this. The church is the battle ground. This is where God’s people gather and worship, where we create plans and strategies for winning the lost.

The devil doesn’t like it. In fact, he will try to stop the church from moving forward, from growing and from reaching out. Jesus commissioned us to reach the lost, it’s why we are alive, why there is breath in our lungs. And our local church should be a big part of this.

As a result, we should be praying for every single aspect of the church. So, today, I am posting my very first prayer for the church. This is what I prayed today for my church, but I hope that you will pray it for yours as well.

Father, thank for you for the gift of the local church, for the needs it meets in the community and the people it reaches. I pray for our Lead Pastor and his family today, Lord. Surround them in your protection from the enemy who is working hard to discourage and distract. Remind them of the call and the purpose of it all, God. Spread the ground out beneath their feet that they would not slip. Infuse them with the joy of the Lord and let it be their strength today. Send encouragers to serve along side of them. Speak to our Pastors heart with direction and wisdom for this church body…that You would be glorified and your work and will would be done in our church, in Jesus name.