Libbie is a storyteller.

She loves to use stories from the Bible and from her own life to stir what has been buried in the hearts of people. Here are a few of the topics Libbie teaches on, she would also love to work with you to develop a teaching/presentation on a specific topic for your event.

Called to Purpose

Libbie uses stories from the Bible to talk about the purpose God has for each of us and the hope He has placed in each of us for something more. She believes that if you are breathing your story isn’t over.

Called to Faith

Through the story of Abraham, Libbie shares that faith is a constantly developing heart position. Our fear and doubt do not disqualify us from walking in the promises of God.

Called to Overcome

As written about in her book, Hope Against Hope, Libbie has found that we can overcome the most difficult of situations through a relationship with our Creator and by using the Bible to reset our thoughts and attitudes.

Called to Worship

Before starting Called to More, Libbie was a worship leader and Creative Arts Pastor for many years. She shows examples from the Old and New Testament of how worship repositions us and changes everything.

Changing Lives Through Leadership

In this specialized topic, Libbie shares the example of Jesus’ life, as well as examples from her own life, of how servant leadership propels people into God’s purpose for their lives. 

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