Change is hard

Change is hard. No matter the circumstances. Whether you think you are prepared or not. As Christians we are constantly called to change. And if we are truly surrendered we answer that call every time. Why? Because His ways are higher than ours. And because our lives are not our own. God will position us wherever He needs for us to be. I heard a Pastor this past weekend say, “Do not let your gifts limit His grace”. We think that God will keep us in the setting where He has developed and used our gifts the most up to this point. But, again, His ways are higher than ours and we honestly can’t fathom what He is up to.

Perhaps our gifts have been simply preparing us for what He has planned yet to come. Perhaps this call to step away from what we hold so dear is to see where our allegiance truly lies. Will we, like Job, say “yet will I praise Him” in the midst of what we see as a loss?

Maybe, just maybe, what we think is the ultimate destination is only a place of development along the way.

I’m sure even Deborah had a moment of hesitation when she was called to leave her high level position as judge and step out onto a literal battle field. But I am also certain God had been preparing her heart. Deborah summoned Barak to tell him that God was sending him. She had been communicating with God, talking and listening. So when he said he would not go without her, she walked away from her position into a greater purpose planned out by God. She had already developed the trust needed to do so.

God had prepared her heart He prepares ours too. He has been preparing me for a change that has been a long time coming. I thought the day was still far off, but suddenly it’s here. It’s bitter sweet. It is always hard to let go of something we have held onto for so long. Yet, I know that if He is calling there is something up ahead that I will not want to miss.

Deborah’s step out of a cushy role onto a battlefield delivered an entire nation. What will my obedience to His call hold? What will yours? Do not hold so tightly to your position that you snuff out your purpose

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