Lead well, child.

“I’ve shared the stage with some really big names!”

Yeah, but have you shared it with Jesus? Better yet, have you given it completely over to Him? Could you lose your position on stage and still trust Him? Could you hand it over completely and continue to follow? Could you be asked to serve by cleaning toilets and respond with as much enthusiasm as you do when you strap on your guitar? 

I am well aware that God has given you gifts and talents…and that those gifts and talents are for His use. I am also well aware that those things do not define you. And if you mishandle them He will find someone else to fill your role. I know this firsthand. I have been the one to mishandle. I have been the one to misunderstand.  I don’t say these things to point fingers, but rather to extend a hand. To say, “My friend be careful, be humble, and let love rule your heart.” Because you are not that important. I am not that important. 

Sure, He would rather do this with us. But He can easily do it without us. So let someone else take the lead sometimes, step out of the spotlight and get your hands dirty. Do not mishandle the presence of God and think for a moment that it is all up to you. I promise you it’s not.

I also promise you that He loves you, that He has great plans for you. You make His heart happy…to the point that He died to be with you. You are His child. Does this all sound like a contradiction? It’s so much more than that. It’s the complex position we are called to…children who lead. Megaphones who shout His name…always pointing to Him while extending Grace to all. 

Lead well, child.

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