Without limit

Maybe today you feel like you have gone too far to go back to God again. Maybe you feel like the last time was THE last time…He has run out of forgiveness for you. But that is simply not true. As many times as you run back to Him is as many times as He will forgive and make new. Don’t believe me? Look at Ephesians 1

7 -In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8- that He lavished on us.

So, in Him we have redemption and forgiveness…and we have them by His grace that He has LAVISHED on us. The word lavish means to use or expend in great amounts or without limit.


There is no limit to His grace. None. It goes on and on, far beyond our sin. So, pick yourself up out of the mire of your sin and run to Him. He is waiting with an unlimited amount of Grace. Why?

Because the last time was not the last time for Him. But you can make this time the last time for you. The last time you will allow the enemy to draw you into sin, the last time you will fall for his schemes. The last time you reject the One who faced all rejection for you. Let this time be the time you choose to walk in righteousness and in the plans God has for your life. Because not only is His grace unlimited, but His plans for you are always good.

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