Thoughts from the air

On the way to a vacation with my husband I spent some time looking at a fashion magazine. I love them. But I don’t usually buy them at home. They are a travel treat, I guess. I was reading an article about being creative and came across the quote on this image. I love it! It’s very personal to me.

I have allowed fear to control me too many times in my past.

I live in this strange space between wildly courageous and oddly afraid to dream. Fortunately I spend more time in the courageous category. But timidity still tries to get it’s hooks in. Last year I let God push me past the barrier I had set up for myself and send me into this world of writing and speaking. It’s vulnerable here. There is always someone who doesn’t like what you produce, you know? But we have to learn how to not care…how to not even notice really. The only one whose approval I need is God’s.

It’s Him I’m trying to impress. It’s His plans I’m trying to fulfill.

What is that dream that you keep shoving back down? What is the call you hear at night, when everything else is quiet? Lean into that. Let God lead you. Your wildest dreams are out there waiting to be your reality. He is the one who put them in you to begin with.

So the next time the opportunity arises turn it into that one fearless instant.

And be who He made you to be.

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