If you let Him

I┬ábelieve that every one of us is being prepared to fulfill God’s call and purpose for our lives. I really do think that every struggle, every victory, every experience, serves to bring us closer to who He has called us to be. If we let it.

I have to chuckle when I see someone in their twenties living out their purpose, just serving full force, reaching the world for Christ. Not that I think they aren’t qualified or ready. I chuckle because it took me so long. I mean, I surely haven’t arrived, but I feel like I am finally entering into God’s plan and purpose for my life. It has taken Him many years to get me to this place. I guess I had a lot of baggage to unpack…many lessons to learn. So much trust to develop. I’m so grateful He kept working on me, so grateful He didn’t leave me where He found me.

Wherever He finds you right now, He is will not leave you there. He will walk you through every life lesson stretched out ahead of you and grow you through them all. If you let Him. So whatever you are facing today, whether you are bored, or tired, or ready to give up, He will help you and keep you and give you peace. And then, on the other side of it, He will use it and use you to reach the world for Him

If you let Him.

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