They matter

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing our prayers are just words. But really they are more, so much more. 

In my prayer and study time I will be reminded of a person while reading a scripture and I’ll pray that scripture for them. Sometimes I’ll message them to tell them I’m praying and to share the scripture only to get a response telling me how timely it was, how much they needed to hear it. But it’s not surprising  God moves on the hearts of his people to do his work. So, I know He leads us.

Yet I dont think the impact of that is really clear to us at times. When I saw it in writing I saw myself in the spirit in a way I never had. 

He wrote his testimony out and it was shared on social media. I saw my name there, followed by the words “she has always fought for my soul”. I had. It’s true. I still do, just this morning I felt led to pray for him again. Sometimes God just connects hearts and lives. And he had connected this kids to mine long ago. When the opportunity arose I prayed for him. I followed the leading of God. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing fantastic. Yet, when I read his words I saw myself, sword in hand, doing battle with the enemy.

That’s what that is. When we take the Word of God and speak it over someones life we are drawing the sword of the Spirit and advancing right into battle.

The battle is indeed for their soul. 

It’s a noble fight, a worthy fight. 

And to see myself that way only makes me want to answer the battle cry even more. How much different would this world be if we all drew our swords a little more often? Not against each other, no that’s done enough these days. Rather, against the enemy of our souls. How many people would find hope in the midst of their hopelessness? Peace in the midst of despair? How many people would be free from the captivity that has held them for far too long? I’m glad he reminded me that I’m a fighter…a fighter for souls…because there are still so many souls to fight for.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16
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