The treadmill

Are we all assessing the way we’ve been doing life? Just wondering. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they’ve enjoyed the time at home with their family during the stay-at-home orders.

So why have we been living such hurried lives?

I mean, I’m guilty.

I have been running at full speed for years. Even when I have had less to do, I still have had too much to do.

But lately, I’ve been walking the dogs with my husband when he gets home every day. We’ve been watching movies with our kids…taking car rides. We have truly enjoyed the time together. And even in the midst of tragedy we have found peace together. I mean, not rushing out of the house in the morning to get to school was nice, and worth the online learning. Sitting on the patio together is nice.

More laughter…less pressure.

And I can’t help but think this is how it’s supposed to be.

It’s like someone pulled the plug on the treadmill, and I think we are all kind of grateful, in some ways, that they did.

And while the world is crazy around us, perhaps we can see more clearly what we actually want. Perhaps we can see that the best things in life really are free.

I’m not sure why it took this for God to get our attention.

But here we are.

So before someone plugs the treadmill back in take some time to pray. Ask God where we go from here. Ask Him what else needs to change. And then listen.

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