The Greatest Story, by Kaitlyn Heyd

A theme we prayed the other morning was the way the Father purifies our hearts…

Like the first snowfall, pure & white.

No foot prints have sunk into it yet. And that is what He does to our hearts when we give ourselves to Him. Over and over again. There’s not a single thing we can do that He can’t lay a fresh blanket of pure snow over if we let Him.

There is freedom in Jesus

And we get to be our most free self when we are in full communion with Him. He’s not looking for impressive people. Or people who have all of the knowledge. Or people who claim perfection.

He just wants you.

And me.

To sit at the dinner table together and talk about the greatest story that’s ever been told. He is the only satisfying thing and He is so hungry for His children. Calling every single one back home. And in return, whether we’ve realized it or not, we are so hungry for You, Jesus.

You’re the greatest story that’s ever been told.

Kaitlyn Heyd is the wife of an evangelist, the mama of two precious boys, and a gifted writer. She and her family live in the Jackson, MI area and serve Jesus every day. Check out Kaitlyn’s blog at

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