Praying good things for my kids

I’ve learned

over the years that it is of the utmost importance to speak good things over my children. I’ve also learned that the Word of God is the best thing to speak in any situation. So, I often take the scriptures and create prayers and confessions over myself and my family.

My first prayer

for my children is that their heart would be God’s. That they would love Him and chase after Him with great passion. My second prayer is that their lives would be greatly blessed. First their heart, then their lives. Because the truth is that they could have all of the blessings of the world, all the success and money and friends and happiness…and it would all mean nothing without Jesus at the center.

With a heart

that belongs to Jesus they will also have a heart of compassion and kindness, a heart that is concerned for the salvation and well-being of those around them. This is the kind of person I desire to raise. While I try to help point my children to good grades, and knowledge, and a future career, I am more concerned with raising Godly people who love and give.

Each year

I write a new prayer for my children. Usually a different prayer for each child. But this year I wrote one for all, and I want to share it with you. Well, it’s really move of a confession of the scriptures over them. Feel free to use it, or to make it a springboard to write your own.

Father, I thank You that my family loves each other deeply and that love covers a multitude of sin. My children are quick to forgive and slow to anger, they walk in love with others and extend grace. The greater one lives in them and they are overcomers They seek God and His direction daily. I thank You that the peace of God rules in their lives and they are blessed. My children are free from any and every generational curse that would try to attach itself to them. each one has been broken from over them by the Word of God and the blood of Jesus. My children are redeemed from the curse of the law according to Galatians 3:13 and they will be blessed and loved by God, along with their descendants. My children are the head and not the tail, They have the mind of Christ and are diligent in all they set their hand to and as a result they find good success.

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