Say yes

“God is my protection. He makes my way free from fault. He makes me like a deer that does not stumble; he helps me stand on the steep mountains. He trains my hands for battle so my arms can bend a bronze bow. You protect me with your saving shield. You have stooped to make me great. You give me a better way to live, so I live as you want me to.”

2 Samuel 22:33-37 NCV

This is one of my favorite portions of scripture. First of all, I love Davids heart here. He is telling of Gods greatness, and then suddenly he is talking to God…starts out with “He” and turns it to “You”…because you can’t speak of the greatness of God without your heart being moved to worship.

David shares of how God trains his hands for war. He trains ours too. Every day here in this life is a battle. Davids enemies were the kind you can reach out and touch…ours are not. We battle something unseen, yet still so real. And God teaches us to fight from a position of victory.

Then there’s my favorite line…”…You stooped to make me great”. I love the NCV because of this wording. The picture of this is just amazing. The creator of the universe left heaven, stooped to earth, to make me great. Not great in a human and prideful sort of way, but great in Him…great in His grace and mercy. Great in a way that perhaps others will scoff at. Great in a way that some won’t ever understand. Not according to the worlds definition…but according to heavens. So great.

But we can live our lives less than great. We can choose to look the other way. We can choose to not run after Him. As He stoops, we can run away…and live lives that are mediocre at best.

Or…as He stoops we can climb up and look Him in the eye and say yes.

Yes to His plan, yes to His grace, yes to the sort of greatness we could only imagine. Yes to the heart pounding, eye popping, hair standing on end kind of life that only He could plan.

Say yes.

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