My True Love, by Esther Florence


Disliked, detested,
Forsaken, rejected, unvalued,
For a crime not mine, a physical defect not my choice!
How I longed you would look into my eyes,
You would see my innermost being,
The love, kindness, and compassion in my soul,
A loving caress, a warm embrace, an understanding smile,
You were there but you were not!!…I knew each second that I was unloved,
I, not the favored one, how it hurt, the blow on my heart!


Attractive, beautiful,
Charming, pretty, stunning,
That was her, my sister and you loved her more,
We were siblings and friends till you came in,
And then, jealousy creeped in, rivalry began to tear me apart,
It was so painful to be the one hated and despised,
Especially by the one created to be a help meet for me
The one who is supposed to love me unconditionally,
I, not the favored one, how it hurt, the blow on my heart.

Cared for

Mothered, protected,
Caressed, supported, preserved,
By my Beloved who created my innermost being,
Each son, a living testimony of the compassion of a loving God,
He looked on my affliction, He heard I was hated,
He gave me my wages, and truly Him will I praise,
The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the one who cares,
For a weeping heart, a groaning soul, a lonely spirit,
For Him, I Leah, was the favored one, who healed the wound on my heart.

(The story of Leah and Rachel, the Book of Genesis)

“I am Esther Florence, a content writer and an editor. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to write for the glory of His name and the furtherance of His gospel. I live in Chennai, India and am the mother of two daughters. I love writing, editing, Bible journaling, reading books and listening to music. I would love opportunities to write more for the Lord Jesus especially for children. You can message me on Facebook, Esther Florence.”

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