Chatting with an old friend

Not old in that way, just old in that I met her long, long ago. Which coincidentally makes us old in that way. I had the incredible honor of chatting with Robin Sullivan on Girl Chat at Proclaim FM tonight. She reminded me of my stubborn, unbelieving 12 year old self. Which reminded me that we are all redeemable in Christ. It’s a reminder I need often.

I was touched to hear that Robin was receiving messages from people who were listening telling her that they needed to hear what I was saying. And the text messages, and DM’s were so sweet! Man, that’s just an incredible encouragement and I am grateful. I wanted to post a link to my book here tonight to make sure anyone looking for it can find it.

The book is called Hope Against Hope, Living your life so that no trial is wasted. You can purchase it by clicking this link to Amazon – as either a kindle book or paperback. Also, you heard it here first, soon Daily Hope, the devotional inspired by this book, will be available as well.

One more thing! Head over to my Facebook page to check out the info for my book signing event that is taking place on December 7th. I would love to see you there! Thanks for all the love tonight! Y’all are the best!