What are we looking at

I had a rough day yesterday. And no, it wasn’t due to anything political. I was going through my Moms Christmas decorations for my Dad. We lost her in May. Going through her stuff was difficult. I ended up listening to a Joyce Meyer teaching called, “Focus on the Positive”. She made a simple, yet very true point – there is always something to be thankful for – and we should think about those things more than all the rest. What was I looking at? She talked about the father of the prodigal son and how he looked at what was good. He chose to put aside all that his son had lost and simply look at the fact that he had come home. It filled his heart with so much joy that he threw a party.

I definitely got the point

See, while I’m over here thinking about all I have lost this year, God is trying to get me to look at all I have gained. Last Christmas my oldest child was not in my life, this Christmas he will be. In fact, he is coming over today for dinner… again. And THAT is more than enough to make me want to celebrate.

This morning as I saw posts about the current state of American politics, I thought about that teaching again.

I wondered what we are looking at

Have you seen the movie “Hidden Figures”? If not, you should watch it. If you’re anything like me you will cry. The true story it is based on didn’t happen all that long ago. Women didn’t hold high positions then. And people of color had to use a different restroom in public places. Read that again…they had to use a DIFFERENT RESTROOM than white people.

And in January, a black woman will take position as the Vice President of the United States. I can’t help but think about my black girlfriends and how this is affecting them today. I wonder if a sense of oppression has lifted for them. I wonder if they are filled with a sense of great accomplishment. They should be.

But are we looking at that?

While your team may or may not have won, we simply must stop to look at how far we have come. We have to look at the doors, or ceilings, that have been opened for women and people of color. My heart can’t help but be joyful for my friends…and for my daughter. Her opportunities are greater than mine ever were.

And today, no matter your politics, I hope that you will choose to see the truth of what is happening for both women and people of color. I’m not asking you to lay down your political ideologies. I’m simply asking you to do what the Bible directs us to do.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; Mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another.

Romans 12:15-16

Can that be hard? Absolutely. Jesus told us time and time again that we are to die to self. He said that love is the primary thing. Are we loving each other today? Are we being Jesus to those around us?

I’m also not asking you to stop praying.

In fact, you should pray now more than ever, because we are so divided. You should pray for what we all should have been praying for all along – that the President and Vice President of the United States will bow their knee to the Lord Most High. Today those prayers are for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, in January those prayers will be for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As Christians, our job is to be like Christ. It is to point everyone to Him. Are we doing that? Are we celebrating as they celebrate? Are we mourning when they mourn? Are we loving our neighbor as ourselves?

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