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In the book of Judges we see a cycle that occurred from generation to generation. A generation of Israelites, enamored by the culture of the world around them, would turn away from God and find themselves in captivity. The next generation would realize their captivity and seek God for help. God would then instruct the next King to remove the ashera poles and altars to baal from the temple. Some did, some didn’t, and the cycle continued throughout history.

Church Culture

For more than 20 years I have led worship in the local church. I have been enamored with the culture, with the world around me, and I can see the altars we’ve raised to the things that have no place beside our God. On this side of the pandemic, the health of the church is waning. Deconstruction is a growing trend, and Christians seem to be walking away in droves. Yet the Church is God’s idea, it is His bride. And if history is any indication of our future, there is a reconstruction on the horizon.


As someone who did not grow up in the church, I have seen the impact the message of the gospel has on the world. As a follower of Christ for over 30 years, I have seen the grace of God move in my life, time and time again. As a worship director and creative arts pastor for more than 15 years, I misunderstood and misdirected the purpose and plan for the church. As a lover of the Word, I have worked to be a minister of reconciliation.


As a result, this book was born.

As I review the first draft, I am seeking input from trusted individuals. Therefore, I am looking to create a team of 10 people who are willing to read this book and give honest, open feedback on its content. If you are interested in being a part of the Reconstruction Launch Team complete the form below, noting “reconstruction” and I’ll be in touch!