Love them to Jesus

I should be sleeping right now. I’m tired. But my heart has been stirred and I know I won’t be able to close my eyes. I don’t want to be trendy, or jump on a bandwagon. But, I listened to Jesus is King by Kanye West in the car with my family tonight. I don’t usually listen to rap. I used to, but I guess I have just gotten away from it. I was curious, so I listened. I am not a follower of Kanye’s. I honestly couldn’t name one of his songs before listening to this album tonight. I have seen the posts – – mostly in the worship leader pages I follow. They bother me. It bothers me that we think we know his heart. It bothers me that someone who is trying to find their way to Christ is running into us. The people who claim to be Jesus’ representatives. 

I remember when I first chose to follow Jesus. I was a mess. Up to that point my life had been all about me, and I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I had no boundaries, no morals really. Then, one day, it all changed. I remember my friends getting mad at me. They wanted me to continue to be the Libbie they had always known, but she was dead. She was gone. I also remember walking into church and feeling so out of place. I remember knowing that I looked different than everyone else there. I remember feeling eyes on me…I remember hearing whispers as I walked by. I’m thankful for my Christian family who loved me to Jesus during that time. So, very thankful. Were it not for them, I probably would have walked away. I wasn’t strong enough to stand on my own. I needed them to love me to Jesus. 

But shouldn’t we all be loving everyone to Jesus? The young guy who comes to youth group and has no Christian family? The single mom who comes on Sunday just to get a break? The coworker who is battling addiction? The neighbor who is alone all the time? The rapper who has everything except true freedom? Shouldn’t we be loving them all to Christ? Shouldn’t we be remembering where we came from? How it has taken us years to get to where we are? How we still have so far to go? Shouldn’t we make room for every single person who is looking for truth? Famous or not?

I would encourage you tonight to ask Jesus to search your heart. Then ask Him to show you every person you see through His eyes. He died for them. He died for you. 

Love them all to Jesus.

“Therefore it is my judgment that we do not trouble those who are turning to God…”

Acts 15:19 NASB
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