Daily Hope Day 25

October 25, 2019



Yesterday’s scripture summed up Christianity and today’s sums up our purpose as Christians. It’s the same for all of us. I mean we each have special gifts and talents that God gave us and wants us to use as we fulfill his plan for our life. But our purpose is all the same. Go and make disciples. 

Unfortunately we often tend to leave that to the pastors and church workers. But the truth is that it’s our job. We are to go into all the world…our business, our school, the grocery store, our neighborhood…and lead people to Christ. That might scare the heck out of you, but it’s really quite simple. It doesn’t require anything more than living a life that honors Christ as you do life with them. As they watch you live this Christianity thing out they will begin to notice and you will have opportunity to tell them. Not everyone, but some. And that’s all He asks. You can do this, I can do this, we can all do this. We must all do this. 

Check out the video here!

Pray –

Lord, will You help me love a life worthy of You. Will you help me be Christ-like where I live? I want to be an example of Your love, Your grace. So I can win some to You. In Jesus name, amen.

Be Still – 

Now just sit quietly with God, think about the scripture you read, re-read it if need be. Spend the rest of the 15 minutes just being with God.

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