Daily Hope Day 22

October 22, 2019

Read –


I love this scripture! It says prepare shield and buckler and advance into battle. When I first read it I had no idea what a buckler was. So I Googled it! There were YouTube videos of fighters and really in-depth explanations. It was fascinating. Basically both of these things are shields. One is small and one is large. A shield is what you probably imagine it to be. It’s a large piece of armor that you wear on your arm to protect yourself. For the most part a shield protects from long-range attack – arrows that are coming from afar. A buckler is a smaller shield that fits right on the hand and it protects from close range attack, as in hand-to-hand combat.

The thing is that you cannot hold both a shield and a buckler at the same time while advancing into battle because you can’t hold a weapon if both hands are full. At first I was perplexed by this. But then I read Psalm 91. It says that His faithfulness is our shield AND our buckler. It protects us from far range and close range attacks from our enemy. So we don’t have to hold them both. We can simply advance. What does advance mean? To move forward in a purposeful way. 

So with His faithfulness protecting us, we can move forward into what He is calling us to – with purpose. 

Check out today’s video here!

Pray –

Lord, thank you for your strong arm and your hand that protects me. Thank you that You guard me as I move purposefully into Your plan for me. Give me the courage to do all you have called me to. In Jesus name. Amen. 

Be Still – 

Now just sit quietly with God, think about the scripture you read, re-read it if need be. Spend the rest of the 15 minutes just being with God.

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