Daily Hope Day 14

October 14, 2019

Read –

ROMANS 8:28 

What is the thing today? What are you facing that you just can’t imagine it working out? Guess what…it will. It may not work out the way you envision it, or the way you want it to. It may not end up being anything you had imagined at all. But this scripture says that ALL THINGS work together for GOOD. There is a qualifier on that statement though. All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. So, do you love Him? If so, you are called to fulfill His purpose. And He will work everything in your life out to ensure that His purpose for you is fulfilled…if you let Him. You have to trust Him. You have to know that what this verse says about Him is true. He will work it out for good. Why? Because He is good. He couldn’t possibly work it out any other way. He is good. So what is the thing today? What are you afraid just won’t work out. Take it to Him in prayer and then choose to trust Him with it. 

Pray – 

God, _______________________ is weighing heavy on my heart today. I just can’t seem to see a way through this. But I know You can. I know You have a plan for me, and I know that plan is good. So I will trust You to work this situation out for my good. I love You, Lord. Thank you for calling me and giving me a purpose. I trust You today, in Jesus’ name. 

Be Still –

Now just sit quietly with God, think about the scripture you read, re-read it if need be. Spend the rest of the 15 minutes just being with God.

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