Daily Hope – Day 12

October 12, 2019

Read – 


Our struggle. My struggle. Your struggle. We all struggle with something, don’t we? My struggle may be shame, while yours may be pride. My struggle may be a substance, yours may be shopping. Our struggles may be different…but they are really all the same. How so? Because our struggles are not against flesh and blood. Nope. they are not. They are against a very real enemy that we cannot even see. Sometimes he is there, present in another person. Sometimes he is whispering in our brain the lies we’ve been told for so long. 

Maybe someone has said something that really hurt you. Firing back at them will not help you at all. You may feel better for a moment, but ultimately it will not help you win your war. Looking at why it hurt, why it affected you and then taking aim at the enemy of your soul with the truth of God’s Word will help you win your war. The Bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. They are not anything we can touch with our hands. The Bible says that the Word of God is the sword of the spirit. Our weapon is His Word. In order to fight the enemy we must learn how to wield the sword. 

So how do we? How do we wield the sword? We read it, study it, speak it out of our mouth, and pray it. It becomes our first response when we are in a battle. It becomes the one thing we say when trouble comes our way. The more scripture we have memorized, the more weapons we have in our arsenal. So read your Bible people. Memorize scripture. Begin to pray what the Bible says. 

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Pray –

Today, I am using a scripture as a prayer to show you how to do this…how to literally lift the words off of the page and pray them. This prayer is taken from Ephesians 1 and can be prayed for yourself or someone else. 

Lord, would you give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I can know you better. Enlighten the eyes of my heart so I can really know the hope You have called me to, so I can know the incredible riches of this inheritance You have for me, and the incomparably great power You have given me through Your son. As I sit here in Your presence today, Lord, help me to know You better. 

Be Still –

Now just sit quietly with God, think about the scripture you read, re-read it if need be. Spend the rest of the 15 minutes just being with God.

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